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Nigerian Goats Healthcare

Nigerian goats, like all other goat breeds, need good basic care to keep your herd healthy. Goat hooves should be trimmed about every 4-8 weeks, or more often if needed. As a rule of thumb, a properly trimmed and shaped hoof should resemble those of a kid goat's hoof. There are also types of vaccinations that should be given to your goat herd annually: tetanus and types C&D. Check with your local veterinarian for other vaccinations recommended in your area. Experienced breeders may manage immunizing their goats on their own; new owners and breeders should take their goats to the local vet for vaccines.

Worming should be done several times a year. Ask your local vet to suggest any special supplements (such as selenium), additional needed immunizations and a recommended wormer and worming schedule for your particular herd based on your area and known preventative health measures.

Reference Nigerian Diary Goat Association:

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